Club and Cells

Different club and cells are introduced in the school and are in function in order to make students active, confident, and responsible in transforming themselves, society and the country. Students are encourage to be members of any two clubs and fulfill the aims for which they are constituted. It enables them to constructively build their personality, communicative skills, Time management, empathetic approach, Teamwork, showcasing creativity and learn the art of giving, sharing and love for key community. BRL DAV focused on implementing, planning, executing the events, rewarding and analyzing the outcome periodically.


T-MEDICK Club ( Aspiration & Dream to be a TED Speaker ) Ignite, Spark and celebrate students/Teachers Idea

The T-MEDICK (Technology, Motivation, Education, Dream, Innovation, Creativity and Knowledge) Club is designed to enable and support students and Teachers in discovering, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of talks, under the supervision of the Principal.
"T-MEDICK permeates positive thought processes, enabling, engaging and enhancing the culture of Creativity, acquiring Knowledge and Innovation. Chasing dream, thriving success through education and grow into a charismatic speakers whose talks expose new ideas that are supported by concrete evidence and are relevant to the students, society, country and the world at large , and should be align with DAV Vision Mission and Values."
Along the way, Club Members will become experts in:
• Identifying the elements of a great idea, creativity and innovation.
• Researching, developing and presenting an idea
• Creating visuals to tell a convincing story/talks
• Using best practices for camera, lighting and sound.
The T-MIDICK videos is uploaded in BRL DAV YouTube Channels, and may be featured on TED-Ed social media outlets, or possibly even the TED stage!
T-MIDICK aims:

• To stimulate and celebrate the creative ideas of students everywhere
• To connect students from different backgrounds, cultures, community and being Inclusive.
• To provide an online platform dedicated to celebrating student/Teachers’ ideas
• To support students/Teachers’ in developing presentation and public speaking skills, so that their ideas can be more easily seen, understood and shared
• To build the Platform where students/Teachers’ can share their Knowledge, Motivation, Educational Experiential learning, Creativity and innovation infused with technology.
• To work with a generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers and innovators to make our youth skilled and prepare them for 21st Century skills and enabling them to effectively and proactively prepared for 4th Industrial revolution and make our country a better place and developed, keeping the knowledge and values of Vedas intact.
Moderators :
Mr. Rajeshwar Singh(Principal)
Mr. R. K . Singh
Mr. Subir dey
Mr. V. K. Jha
Mr. Sanjay Singh