Club and Cells

Different club and cells are introduced in the school and are in function in order to make students active, confident, and responsible in transforming themselves, society and the country. Students are encourage to be members of any two clubs and fulfill the aims for which they are constituted. It enables them to constructively build their personality, communicative skills, Time management, empathetic approach, Teamwork, showcasing creativity and learn the art of giving, sharing and love for key community. BRL DAV focused on implementing, planning, executing the events, rewarding and analyzing the outcome periodically.

Social Service Club

The Social Service Club of BRL DAV is closely associated with an objective to transcend the values of DAV i.e. “Come to learn, Go to Serve”
Students are sensitized towards the need of society and the affection to grow together and share with the needy one.

The SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB of the School chalks out a detailed plan to enable students to reach out beyond the classroom to lend a helping hand to the needy.
To generate opportunity of learning by doing for society. To develop leadership skill among the students. To promote the intercultural relations and welfare of students. To organize different co-activities for and on behalf of the students.
To motivate Students “Documentary films” are also shown time to time based on the life of social reformers like “Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwarchand Vidyasagar, Swami Dayanand , Swami Vivekananda , Mother Teresa”, “Baba Amte” etc. just to inculcate the feeling of social service in young minds.
The club also works in close association with the underprivileged students of BRL DAV. The students of our club donate clothes and daily necessary items for their use. The clubs is also instrumental in raising funds and clothes for the poor and needy.

Visit to slum areas / Underprivileged: - Student Members of the club visit the slum areas along with the Teacher In-charge and Doctor medicines to spread preventive measures in different seasons focusing on common ailments and diseases which these areas are prone to face due to the change in weather condition time to time.
• Visit to Old Age Homes - The club organizes activities especially during the festival season for the Sr. citizens of the society who are otherwise leading their life in isolation as neglected members. Sometimes these senior members are also invited to the school to attend function specially organized for them wherein they are felicitated.
• 'The Joy of Giving and the Joy of Living' - The students of BRL DAV , Bhandaridah take the initiative to reach out to lesser privileged classes by donating money, clothes, Books and stationaries, medicines, grains and anything that would bring a little joy & comfort in their lives.
• Organizing Sports for the village children, and teaching them at free time.
Moderators :
Mr. J. R. Jha
Mr. Rajesh Tiwari
Mr. Ranjit Kr. Singh
Mr. Gaya Tiwari