Club and Cells

Different club and cells are introduced in the school and are in function in order to make students active, confident, and responsible in transforming themselves, society and the country. Students are encourage to be members of any two clubs and fulfill the aims for which they are constituted. It enables them to constructively build their personality, communicative skills, Time management, empathetic approach, Teamwork, showcasing creativity and learn the art of giving, sharing and love for key community. BRL DAV focused on implementing, planning, executing the events, rewarding and analyzing the outcome periodically.

Health and Wellness Club

“Our true wealth is not pieces of gold and silver but a healthy mind in an equally healthy body”- Mahatma Gandhi

HEALTH and Wellness CLUB is an association of students in school for taking care of everything that goes in with a series of an activities for students to possess good overall health (Mental Physical, Emotional and Social). Some activities for Health Clubs can be undertaken for promoting hygienic environment in school.
Health is condition (Physical, Mental and Emotional) in which the individual is functionally well adjusted internally with respect to body parts and externally with his environment. In a broader perspective Physical Education and health education are mutually interdependent. Objectives of Health clubs in schools can favorably influence the habits', attitude and knowledge relating to an individual and community.
This clubs can modify our behaviour towards the attainment of optimum health. Wellness has been defined as the constant and deliberate effort to stay healthy and achieve the highest potential for well-being.
 To conduct survey on health related concern, no of absenteeism due to illness.
 Awareness program regarding balance diet, Junk food, importance of Yoga and exercises.
 Awareness program/seminar on Drugs addiction , Tobacco , adolescent hormonal and physical changes, sex education etc.
 Awareness drives in which students are sensitized towards cleanliness, Giving knowledge about proper hygiene and sanitation.
 Imparting information about various diseases prevailing in a particular duration of year and various preventive steps.
 Organizing Doctors’ Talk on healthy food and avoid junk food.
 Conducting first aid classes to impart basic information and application of first aid.
 Celebration of important days like World Health Day, World No Tobacco Day, Worlds Aids Day, Doctors’ Day, International Yoga day etc.
 Conducting various workshops on Adolescent Education Programmes and dealing with their emotional problems.
Moderators :
Mr. M. R. Sinha
Mr. Ranjan Routrey
Mrs. Reena Kumari
Mrr. Latika Roy