Eco/ Tarumitra Club


(Dream Green)

       “SAVE THE Mother Earth - SAVE YOUR GENERATION. 
             BE EVER Clean n Green – NEVER POLLUTE.”


Tarumitra, meaning "Friends of Trees" in Hindi and Sanskrit, is a student movement to protect and promote a healthy environment on Earth.

The club strives to create awareness of the need for preservation of our environment and sustainable use of natural resources. To achieve this aim, it will undertake practical projects such as paper recycling, fire drills, plantation drives, power conservation measures, waste utilization workshops and environmental surveys.

Tarumitra club aims-

Ø  To spread ecological sensitivity and to create a clean and green consciousness among students.

Ø  To involve young learner in efforts to preserve Environment.

Ø  To educate them in solar energy, SAVE electricity, SAVE fossil fuel and SAVE Forest and Ecosystem.

Ø  To equip its members with skills in handling local environmental problems

Ø  To organize campaigns for the preservation of bio-diversity 

Ø  To promote Kitchen Garden, Segregation of waste material into Bio degradable and Non-biodegradable and Recycle material.

Ø  To impart knowledge of Rain Harvesting and its importance, save Water, Minimizing Pollution etc.

Ø  To promote 3R (Reduce ,Reuse and Recycle)

Ø  To do Afforestation and  adopt one tree

Year Plan:

          Events                                                              Date/Month

1)    Earth Day                                                                      22 April

2)    World Environment Day (WED)                                 05 June

3)    International Day for Biological Diversity                  22 May

4)    Tree Plantation                                                            01 July

5)    World Population Day                                        11 July

6)    World Ozone Day                                              16 September

7)    National Wildlife Week                                       2-8 October

8)    Visit to Rice Research Center                                      1st November

9)    Visit to Krishi Vigyan Kendrya                                     November

10)                      Visit to National Park, Zoological Garden        January



Moderators :     Mr. J. R. Jha

                        Mr. M. S. Das

                        Mr. S. N. Mishra

                        Mr. Gaya Tiwari