Science Club

Science club is a better forum for the students to comprehend their scientific aspiration and fulfill their pursuit in which they don't get opportunities within the syllabus framework. Students will get opportunities for R & D, Creativity and Innovation. Lets us trigger interest among the students in Science. To encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of Science and its interface with society. It enables students to Conduct Experiments, Designing innovative science project/Models etc.

Its main aim is

To help students acquire basic knowledge of science to develop scientific way of learning.

To arouse and cultivate students interest in learning science

To develop interest in scientific hobbies.

To organizing lectures, debates, seminars, on new science

To Celebrating National and International Science Day.

To organize Science Exhibition

 Moderators :     Mr. M. R. Sinha

                        Mr. Rajesh Tiwari

                        Mr. C B Verma

                        Mr. K. K. Jha