From the time a child is conceived, they are growing and developing…

What starts as just a cell, blossoms into a beautiful and unique human being?

But, the growth doesn’t stop once the infant has exited the womb.

Children continue to nurture all the way until they have fully matured and reached adulthood. During this journey we must shoulder the responsibility to guide and help them to showcase their talent, interest and must be able to give shape and colour to their imagination, visualization and creativity. And, during this time when children are growing, the parents must stand by the side of students incorporate into their lives as a guide.

During this time, their brains are growing and developing – their mathematics skills, their creativity, their language skills, their personality, their likes and dislikes, their dreams, ideas, and much more. And,   there are several outside factors that play a major role in their development…

One of those being the active participation of arts and crafts. Indisputable, arts and crafts can be untidy initially, later on it take meaningful and inspiring shape on the canvas and children of all ages love them and it is actually good for them.

Art Club is open for any student interested in the visual arts! You can work on drawing, painting, craft and sometimes clay and ceramics.  The things you create can include your own projects or even those from your art classes. 

The aims, learning and objectives of the creative crafts club are: For the pupils to design, construct and decorate, decorative items.


As the pupils design and make decorative craft items they will use and learn about the variety of arts & crafts resources and materials with keywords. During the creative crafts club sessions, the pupils creative, imaginative and motor skills will be gained and enhanced.  


Objectives :

·         To motivate the students to improve creativity, self-confidence and imagination.

·         To create awareness regarding swatch Bharat through pictures.

·         To indulge students according to their emotional skills.

·         To teach still life of painting and drawing.

·         Giving lot of practice, which helps them gain fine muscle control and strengthen eye hand co-ordination.

·         To make students aware of the idea that, through art, culture is spread.

·         Drawing / painting / colour competition.

·         Best out of waste.

·         Imaginative painting or colouring.

·         Construction and decoration

·         Toy-making – cardboard, clay, Styrofoam or smiley balls and Origami